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Share Capital

The share capital in Effnetplattformen Holding amounts to SEK 903,804.20 divided into 13,557,063 shares. Each share in Effnettplatformen entitles the owner to one vote at general meetings and a proportional right to the company's assets and profits.

Trading Venue

Effnetplattformen Holding's shares have been traded on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market since May 28, 2021. Companies listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market require a Certified Adviser who fulfil a supervisory role and acts as an intermediary between the company and Nasdaq. Eminova Fondkommission AB is Effnetplattformen Holding's Certified Adviser. The company's ticker is EFFH. The company's ISIN code is SE0015987565.


Shareholder* Number of shares Share of votes/capital, %
Hans Runesten privately and through companies 1,973,641 14.6
Göran E. Larsson through company 1,633,850 12.1
Försäkringsaktiebolaget Avanza Pension 1,143,044 8.4
Nordnet Pensionsförsäkring AB 982,928 7.3
Hansen, Jens Stig Heick 478,000 3.5
Wilhelmsson, Ulf 462,298 3.4
Lundmalm, Bengt 409,500 3.0
Nordare-Lundh, Björn 355,206 2.6
Gagnevall, Per 262,500 1.9
Khorrami Asl, Vahid 238,950 1.8
Total Sum 10 largest shareholders 7,939,917 58.6
Sum Other shareholders 5,617,146 41.4
Total 13,557,063 100.0

(*) Based on data from Euroclear as of September 30, 2021.

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