Publicerad: 2021-02-25 10:35:34 CET
Effnetplattformen AB

Effnet joins the SmartRAN Open Network Interoperability Centre (SONIC)



Luleå, 2021-02-25 -- Effnet, a leading provider of containerized 5G RAN software and 5G protocol stack for terminals as well as Header Compression software, today announces that it has joined the SmartRAN Open Network Interoperability Centre (SONIC), a joint programme between Digital Catapult and Ofcom to test interoperability and integration of open networking solutions.

"This is an important milestone for us and a great opportunity to showcase the interoperability, manageability and deployability of our 5G RAN software. SONIC provides us a platform to demonstrate our solution to network providers and become part of a wider ecosystem of solution providers." says Aniruddha Kulkarni, Managing Director of Effnet AB.

For more details, see the attached official SONIC press release, also available at, or visit the Digital Catapult web site


For further information, please contact:

Aniruddha Kulkarni, Managing Director, Effnet AB, Tel: +46 (0)920 60918, or visit:


About Effnet

Effnet AB, based in Sweden, develops and licenses its 5G RAN software, 5G protocol stack for terminals, ASN.1 5G Toolset and IP header compression software including Effnet ROHC. Effnet’s 5G RAN software is highly scalable, modular and containerized. It is targeted for use in everything from small cells to disaggregated RAN and Cloud-RAN. With support for standardized and open RAN interfaces as well as Effnet’s focus on performance, the software is highly versatile and suitable for use in various applications ranging from wireless broadband to industrial IoT and vehicular communications. For more information about Effnet and its products, please visit



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